Friday, April 18, 2008

Quick Update

Or as quick as it can be from this dial-up connection on an older PC ... which is to say, not very quick at all.

My Dad is doing much better, relatively speaking. He came through most of his tests looking much healthier than any of us suspected. His problems are mostly lung related ... he isn't a smoker, this is just due to various other problems. However, he is now in a rehabilatative therapy facility so that he can get back to the point of going back home. He even has a garden outside his window where we can bring his beloved Corgi, Emma, for daily visits, weather permitting. So that is about as good as anyone could have expected, right down to a room opening up at the last minute at his doctor's preferred facility.

My mother is greatly relieved, needless to say, and we are going forward in a joyful mood.

Much, much thanks for all the prayers. It truly is wonderful to have such a community of friends to lean on.

While waiting at a doctor's office for a form to be signed, I picked up the newspaper (having been cut off from the real world during this visit). I also was greatly joyful reading about Pope Benedict's speeches that said it how it is. And about his visit to Boston. Way to go, Papa! How I love this pope. What a good shepherd we have!

More later, I'm sure ...

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