Saturday, April 21, 2007

Moses: The Most Complete Prefigurement of Christ

Exodus centers on Moses, greatest of all Jewish prophets, the man who spoke with God face to face and lived. Moses is as prominent and primary in Judaism as Mohammed is in Islam or as Confucius is in Confucianism. Yet his deepest significance is beyond Judaism: Moses symbolizes and foreshadows Christ. Let's look at some of the ways he does, some of the parallels between Moses and Christ.
  1. Both were outsiders (Ex 3:1-10; Jn 3:13)
  2. Both received long training before their public ministry (Ex 2:10; Lk 3:23)
  3. Both performed many miracles (Ex 7-14; Jn 3:2 and 21:25)
  4. Both were preserved from an evil king's plot to murder them as babies (Ex 2:2-10; Mt 2:14-15; and Rev 12:1-6 and 13-17)
  5. Both stood up against masters of evil (Ex 7:11; Mt 4:1)
  6. Both fasted for forty days (Ex 34:28; Mt 4:2)
  7. Both controlled the sea (Ex 14:21; Mt 8:26)
  8. Both fed a multitude of people (Ex 16:15; Mt 14:20-21)
  9. Both showed the light of God's glory on their faces (Ex 34:35; Mt 17:2)
  10. Both endured rebellion from their people (Ex 15:24; Jn 5:45-47)
  11. Both were scorned at home (num 21:1; Jn 7:5)
  12. Both saved their people by intercessory prayer (Ex 32:32; Jn 17:9)
  13. Both spoke as God's mouthpiece (Deut 18:18; Jn 7:16-17)
  14. Both had seventy helpers (Num 11:16-17; Lk 10:1)
  15. Both gave law from a mountain (Ex 20; Mt 5-7)
  16. Both established memorials (Ex 12:14; Lk 22:19)
  17. Both reappeared after death (Mt 17:8; Acts 1:3)
  18. Both did the work of prophets, priests, and kings -- the three most important positions of authority in the ancient world
  19. Both conquered the world, the flesh, and the devil
  20. Both, finally brought their people from slavery tofreedom and to the Promised Land
Moses is the most complete symbol of prefigurement of Christ in the Bible.
You Can Understand the Bible
A Practical And Illuminating Guide To Each Book In The Bible
by Peter Kreeft

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