Monday, March 5, 2007

Wheelbarrow Manor

A new blog written by my dear friend Stevie.

She has lots to say and can answer all your questions ... such as what does a wheelbarrow have to do with anything ... and how come a girl is named Stevie?

I'm not just sending you there because she's my friend. She's got some good insights and an easy conversational style such as when a quote in O magazine (yes, Oprah's magazine) starts a commentary about Catholic tradition.
"So much of what we know about the world comes from oral histories, shared experiences - so I write about science in the first person, as if I'm telling a story," says Rebecca Skloot.

Okay, so she's not talking about tradition in Catholicism - but it really got me thinking.

Tradition is a hard concept for non-Catholics to understand. I never realized this until my husband and I started having discussions about it when we first started dating. He would be shocked at things I believed in that he had never heard of before in his Bible church - the Assumption of Mary for one. I was naive enough in my faith at that time (not that I'm much better now, mind you) that I couldn't explain it to him so we'd have to go have a good old apologetics lesson from my deacon dad. It took him a while to get it. Of all the things that he started out questioning, I'd say tradition was the hardest of all for him to come around on. He may still struggle with it for all I know...
Go welcome her to St. Blog's Parish!

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