Saturday, March 31, 2007

Anglican Bishop Herzog Comes Home to Rome

In other words, he has returned to full communion with the Catholic Church. Welcome back, Bishop!

This has been seen all over the place in St. Blog's Parish. However, once again, I realized that doesn't mean that everyone has seen it since Tom hadn't heard of it ... so here's the scoop straight from another notable convert's mouth. The Pontificator says:
The Rt. Rev. Daniel Herzog, retired bishop of Albany, has entered into (or more accurately, returned to) full communion with the Catholic Church. In his letter to Bishop Love, Herzog writes:
My sense of duty to the diocese, its clergy and people required that I not walk away from my office and leave vulnerable this diocese which I love. I believed that it was my responsibility to provide for a transition to the future. Your subsequent election and consecration discharged that duty and has given me the liberty to follow my conscience, and now resign my orders and membership in the House of Bishops.
Read it all.
Please keep Bishop Herzog, as well as all the catechumens who will enter the Church in a week (exciting!), in your prayers.

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