Monday, April 27, 2015

A Movie You Might Have Missed #47: Art & Copy

Art Serving Capitalism

47. Art & Copy

We like documentaries. We love advertising.

So we were suckers for this film which looks at the creators of several campaigns which have lent our culture iconic phrases.

Got milk?

It's morning in America.

I want my MTV.

Just do it.

And many more.

The ad stories are told through interviews with some of the chief creative figures of the advertising world from the last few decades. It's interesting to watch the very different styles and ways they describe themselves and their process because they all have the essential ability to distill a product's appeal into key words and images that spark our imaginations.

Dropped into the narrative are facts and figures about advertising and the daily life of a laborer who changes billboard signs. Those added a nice bit of perspective to the sometimes high flown conversation.

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