Tuesday, June 8, 2021

A Movie You Might Have Missed #43: The Sapphires

It's been 11 years since I began this series highlighting movies I wished more people knew about. I'm rerunning it from the beginning because I still think these are movies you might have missed.

Follow your heart. Discover your soul.

Based on a true story, The Sapphires tells of four young Aboriginal women in 1968, discovered by a talent scout (Chris O'Dowd), who form a Supremes-type group in order to travel to Vietnam to sing for American soldiers.

This charming, feel-good, Australian movie is lifted above the somewhat predictable story by the singing and Chris O'Dowd's performance (as I am not the first to observe).

The basic plot of four talented young singers making good and finding themselves is given some necessary added depth by the more serious aboriginal / civil rights / Vietnam war plot elements. Somehow, though, the filmmakers managed to keep the serious elements from bringing everything down and the lighter elements from making it too bubbly. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

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