Monday, June 10, 2019

Woohoo for our power going on this morning!

Dallas had a whale of a wind storm, with torrential rain, and a lot of us were without power. Ours came back on this morning, though the power company (using text wisely and well) warned we may have other outages as problems down the line come to light. Plenty of others don't have power still, including our next door neighbor who is on a different power line.

Hannah and Mark, as arborist employees, were out last night until dark giving estimates and lining up lists for the crews to tackle this morning. When the storm was still raging Hannah had had three texts and an email beginning the onslaught of work needed. It never occurred to me before she became an arborist that there are other emergency workers than power or first responders who have to jump into action when a big storm comes. Her car is flooded in their apartment garage so they borrowed Tom's car so they could start work yesterday.

We are lucky because our power is on, a cold front followed the storm so the house was quite comfortable, we have a gas stove so I felt like a pioneer woman cooking dinner last night with no other power ... and our refrigerator and freezer held the chill well ... though we did have an impromptu sundae party last night as our ice cream took on soft serve texture. And we lit all our emergency candles (votives, tapers, and one pillar candle) and sat talking in the soft light.

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