Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Last Jedi

We saw this on the afternoon of New Year's Eve and it was a great send-off to the year. I don't know how Rian Johnson (writer and director) did it but somehow he evoked the old movie while simultaneously telling us a new story. I guess that is the way with the best storytelling that is continuing a well-loved tale. At least if it is successful.

There was, it is true, one plot hole that had me indignant the second it came up. However, it wasn't enough to ruin the film. I loved Laura Dern's general, calm and cool with her purple hair, blue eyes, and evening gown. And this was a fitting last role for Carrie Fisher who I hadn't realized was in the movie so much.

Interestingly, this featured a lot of women leaders but it did it the right way — no hitting us over the head about "that's right, a woman did it!" — everyone was a person doing what they could to make things turn out right. It also featured a lot of aliens, especially in terms of indigenous life around the action. That felt right and was interesting. I especially loved the place Finn and Rose wound up which showed us another take on alien planets. A lovely twist.

The story holds true to the essence of what has always been true about the Star Wars movies. We still must make our choices and free will is a factor in all we do — that part rings very true. For my money, Rose has the best line in the movie, one that defines whether you choose the dark or the light.

Can Rian Johnson do all the Star Wars movies? Puhleez?

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