Friday, August 24, 2012

Community - The Third Season

We got the fresh-off-the-press dvd of the third season of Community and have really been enjoying watching it in a concentrated dose.

One thing that hit me, now that we're four episodes from the end, is that I thought it was uneven when watching during the season. But rewatching I see that the entire season was good. It is just that three brilliant episodes made the others look below par.

  1. Remedial Chaos Theory - you know this one, Community fans. Rolling the die to see who goes to get the pizza.
  2. Pillows and Blankets - part of the struggle between Blanketsburg and Pillowtown, in Ken Burns' documentary style.
  3. Basic Lupine Urology - Who killed the study group's yam in Biology? Investigated "Law & Order" style, with a special thank you to Dick Wolf at the end.
I am looking forward to another episode that may join these three in the Hall of Fame: Digital Estate Planning.  (Pierce and his friends must play a video game to see who will inherit his family fortune ... as part of the game.)

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