Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Blood of St. Januarius ‘completely liquefied’ on feast day

“We have just taken from the safe the reliquary with the blood of our patron saint, which immediately completely liquefied,” the abbot of the chapel of the treasury of the Naples Cathedral announced on Sept. 19. ...

“It’s a testimony that is present, living, current, and capable of speaking to the heart of every believer, pushing him to more consistency, beyond courage, to a life of giving, steeped in sharing.” (Bishop Battaglia).

This is one of those miracles that seems impossible or the result of feverish, over-devout wishful thinking. However, with video handy, you can see the actual liquefied blood of St. Januarius, which was first recorded in 1389.

I myself have never been attracted to these sorts of miracles so I've not paid much attention in the past. However, recently, I heard a friend talking about how his faith grew because of this sort of miracle and the inability of scientific investigations to explain it.

Here's the video.

Here's everything you need to know about the miracle of the liquefication of St. Januarius's blood. Of special interest to me was the fact that there is no scientific explanation. 

Here's the CNA story which reports the bishop's speech in full.

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