Thursday, November 18, 2021

Daily reminders of the resurrection

Consider, beloved, how the Lord keeps reminding us of the resurrection that is to come, of which he has made the Lord Jesus Christ the first fruits by raising him from the dead. Let us look, beloved at the resurrection that occurs at its appointed time. Day and night show us a resurrection; the night lies in sleep, day rises again; the day departs, night takes its place. let us think about the harvest; how does the sowing take place, and in what manner? The sower goes out and casts each seed onto the ground. Dry and bare, they fall into the earth and decay. Then the greatness of the Lord's providence raises them up again from decay and out of one many are produced and yield fruit.
Saint Clement I, Letter to the Corinthians
This never occurred to me. I am used to seeing the liturgical year echoed in the natural year, of course, but to look at daily reminders of the resurrection — blows my mind.

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