Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Catholic All Year Compendium: Liturgical Living for Real Life by Kendra Tierney

When my social media feeds fill up with photos of donuts on the first Friday of June (National Donut Day), I can see that we as a society are hungry for community and shared experiences (and donuts, of course).

While I'm not here to tell you that you shouldn't observe Compliment Day on January 24 (I would never, and your hair looks great like that), I am here to tell you that, for Catholics, there is a whole world of days we could be celebrating together—days that have been marked by crazy community fun long before you could put a hashtag on it. We did it before. And there's no reason we can't do it again.

Kendra Tierney has written a supremely usable book of how to celebrate the liturgical year at home. It is informative, it is practical, and it is fun. You can see from the excerpt above that she has a good sense of humor and that comes to the fore here, in the best possible way.

If you've been wondering how to incorporate more than Easter and Christmas into your Catholic family life then this is the book for you. It includes plenty of activity, food, and decoration and idea stories. One of the most valuable parts is when Tierney tells the reader how she tells the stories of saint days or liturgical observances to her small children. This gives a real template that readers can make their own.

I bought it as a gift for my grandson, by way of giving it to his mother who is the person most likely to put it into action. I didn't have to read the whole thing because I could see that it was just what I was looking for. However, I did read it all just because I enjoyed it so much. This would make a great gift for any young family or even ones with older kids.

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