Friday, July 3, 2020

Missing Peace by N.K. Holt

The McKay family's idyllic life in Iowa is about to implode.

A mysterious rosary found by soldier John McKay in war-torn Iraq foreshadows an obscure prophecy. As the rosary’s mystique grows globally, his sister, Janey McKay, is threatened when a radical extremist group escalates the stakes by expanding their fight to the U.S. heartland.

But can terror destroy a faith that launches miracles?
This book is essentially an inspirational story wrapped in the tale of searching for a mysterious and miraculous rosary's origins. The main characters are a brother and sister from a solid, Catholic midwestern farming family, a Texas soldier without any family, and a priest struggling with thriving in a new assignment.

It is told in a basic, straight-forward style that I associate with Louis L'Amour westerns (which I like) or adventures from the early 1900s (which I love). You're not coming to this for high literary style. You're coming to it to follow the trail of the old beggar, his mysterious rosary, and the flash of green light that occasionally accompanies miracles. At least that's what held my interest. There is also a family saga of sorts and a love story, both of which I was much less interested in but which were good in their own ways. I enjoyed it and recommend it.

Full disclosure - this was a review copy.

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