Friday, April 24, 2020

10 novels every Catholic should read (or at least try once)

This article, by yours truly, is the feature article in the April 26 issue of Our Sunday Visitor. Luckily it is available online now! Here's the beginning:
Humans are wired to seek the truth. God created us that way. It helps us in finding God who is Truth itself. While science and math give us measurable facts, the place where we reach real, intangible truth is usually in our stories.

Good fiction helps us recognize who we are, who we want to be and how to live a life of courage, honesty, endurance and compassion. There’s a reason that Jesus told so many parables, after all. If you’ve got the choice between a detailed lecture and an exciting story, which one would you pick?

In today’s world we may come across few parables, but we do have an abundance of novels and short stories. Here are 10 good stories for you to try. Some of the authors are Christian, some are not, but all have truth at the heart of their tales — in a very entertaining package.
Read the rest at Our Sunday Visitor where each book has an overview, food for thought, and a look from a Christian point of view for your consideration.

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