Friday, July 12, 2019

Why it is fitting that Jesus did not write a book

Christ is unique among teachers, because he does not only instruct externally through words, ... but also enlightens us interiorly by grace. Christ, the eternal Wisdom of God, moves the heart and mind from within so that we can perceive intellectually the truths that he reveals. This, Thomas Aquinas argues, is one of the reasons it is fitting that Jesus did not write a book during his lifetime, but entrusted his teaching to others: so that we would not confuse the real presence of Christ among us with a text he wrote, but would instead learn of his presence through the teaching of the apostolic Church, a process that he assists and works through, by the presence of his grace acting in those who teach and in those who are instructed.
Thomas Joseph White, The Light of Christ
That never occurred to me. But, yes, it makes sense.

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