Friday, February 24, 2017

What! Lent Begins Next Week?

I've gotten so used to the idea that Lent begins late this year that somehow it got programmed into my brain as if it would never begin.

While that is a lovely dream for those who, like me, do not look forward eagerly to Lent (I've got a lot of friends who do, believe it or not), it is not reality. I need that return to reality, to grounding myself in who I am and who God is and how to clear away the debris in my soul so I can get closer.

All that is to say that, as usual, I've got lists of suggestions for reading, listening, and movies which will begin rolling out today. Some may look familiar. There is a certain advantage, after all, in having been blogging since 2004. But I do go through and tweak them ... and familiarity is not a bad thing. Sometimes we need to revisit the same old thing so that we can see something new in it.


  1. I'm not even over Christmas yet. It seems too soon for me. I've grown to love Lent. It brings me to a deeper spirituality. I can tell you what I'm reading for Lent.

    1) Compassionate Blood: Catherine of Siena On the Passion by Romanus Cessario O.P.
    2) What Jesus Saw from the Cross by A. G. Sertillanges

    You can look them up on Amazon. Compassionate Blood was published by Magnificat magazine. You can go to the Magnificat website to order it.

    1. What Jesus Saw from the Cross is great. I can't believe I'd completely forgotten that book. Thank you for bringing it to mind again!