Thursday, April 23, 2015

Well Said: Shaming and Public Disapproval

In this day of New Victorians and Neo Puritans, shaming and public disapproval have again become the weapon of choice for society at large. And it is a very effective weapon.

Because it hurts.
I have to say that back in the day when political correctness became the new way to do things, I never saw this coming. I felt it was nice to consider other people's feelings and refer to them using respectful terms and so forth.

I  didn't foresee how far the pendulum would swing so that majority rule would conduct public shaming campaigns in the name of "tolerance." (They keep using that word. I don't think they understand what it means.)

In one sense it's fascinating because we're now seeing what happens when liberals get caught up in their own version of that famous conservative example which culminated in the Communist-hunting investigations.

In another sense, it hurts. Lamplighter speaks whereof she knows because her husband is John C. Wright who's one of the targets of the Hugo Awards public shaming debacle that's going on right now.

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