Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Mystery of the Cross: When God's Love Hurts

... Shrieks of pain. Tears of terror. As my son was laid at my feet on the kitchen floor, I collapsed before him, unable to do anything for him before the ambulance arrived. And so I prayed. The two prayers that came to me were, “Mother of God, be with us,” and “Thy will be done.” And looking back, I understand why.

From that moment on, Our Sorrowful Mother took me as her child, showing me that sometime God’s love looks very ugly on the surface....
When Cassandra Poppe's young son was badly burned in an accident, their whole family entered the Mystery of the Cross.

There could hardly be a more appropriate time than Holy Week to for this a powerful testimony and meditation on the cross. Read it all here.

Via New Advent.

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