Monday, April 6, 2015

Help Christians Suffering Under the Persecution of Militant Islam

Matthew from Big C Catholics writes:
There is an apostolate in my diocese (Burlington, VT), which seeks to help Christians experiencing persecution in the Middle East and elsewhere. Could you let your readers know about it?
Indeed I could. This is a very worthy cause as we all know these days. was founded by Father Benedict Kiely, and supported by the good people and businesses of Stowe, VT, to help, in some small way, Christians suffering under the persecution of militant Islam throughout the world.

Throughout the world, but especially in the Middle East, our Christian brothers and sisters are facing persecution, ethnic cleansing, martyrdom and genocide. is dedicated to helping our brethren by producing items marked with the Arabic "N" - this symbol has been painted on the houses of Christians to identify them for martyrdom and to mark out their presence, similar to the use of the Star of David by the Nazis.

The Arabic letter "Nun" is the first letter of the word "Nasrani" or "Nasarean/Nazarene" - the Muslim word of contempt for Christians. believes that the wearing of this sign is an act of solidarity with our brethren - is a way to remember to pray for them - and by your generous donation - directly helps them by an act of charity. All donations - after the cost of production - will go directly to one charity with "boots on the ground" - Aid to the Church in Need - actively helping suffering Christians in the Middle East.
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