Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dear Tom!

This is from Wikipedia because
I forgot to take a photo of mine, which looked just like this,
except it had sliced strawberries.
As we know, I take birthdays very seriously, especially when it is that of the love of my life.

We'll have been married thirty-one years next month and, as has become a habit for me more and more,  I have been realizing the happiness that comes from spending so much time with one person. I should say, with that one person who is practically perfect for me in every way.

We'll be feasting on Chinese food at a favorite restaurant in Richardson's Chinatown. I am making our new favorite, Pavlova with Strawberries, which is just like eating a cloud. A delicious, delicious cloud.

No gifts I get him can ever express my love adequately ... of course! But I have a few offerings which will attempt to fill the gap.

Happy Birthday, dear Tom!

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