Thursday, March 19, 2015

Worth a Thousand Words: Silver Moth

Katharine Hepburn dressed as the "Silver Moth" in CHRISTOPHER STRONG.
Designed by Walter Plunkett, 1933
via Silver Screen Modes
Can you believe this is Katherine Hepburn? It is her first starring role and I'd say it would be worth seeing the film just to see the other costumes at the masked ball she attends.

Do go to Silver Screen Mode to see the rest of the 10 Wildest Costumes in Film History. There is fascinating background as well. I notice the posing is often the same from movie to movie. Ah well, when one is wearing a simply fantastic outfit, part of the key is proper posing in a doorway.

I'll just indulge here in sharing my other favorite. Not the wildest but I simply love it. She looks like a bejeweled butterfly.

Evelyn Brent in SLIGHTLY SCARLET Costume design by Travis Banton, 1930

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