Monday, November 10, 2014

Blogging Around: Priests Who Forsake Their Vows and Adultery

Priests who forsake their vows and the women who love them

Deacon Greg at The Deacon's Bench points out a New York Times story "Support groups spring up for women in love with priests." Most interesting of all for me were Deacon Greg's comments on this.

Adultery is not the only option

Jennifer Fitz at Sticking the Corners uses Deacon Greg's story as a springboard to consider this fact: The temptation to adultery is boringly common.

She gives us five things "grown-ups do to avoid letting that falling-in-love impulse get out of control." Here's a snippet from #4, which is about removing yourself from the scene of temptation. This applies to much more than inappropriate romantic impulses.
People will go on and on about how if only you were a good Christian with a pure heart, you could lay down naked in a locked room with the most attractive person in the world, and never think or do one impure thing. Well that’s true as far as it goes, but you aren’t that good of a Christian. Get over yourself. Do like the rest of us wannabes and flee temptation.


  1. Okay, but I'm not flinging myself into a hedge of thorns, like St. Thomas Aquinas.

    Seriously, this is well said. "The temptation to adultery is boringly common" is a brilliant slosh (metaphorically) of cold water.

  2. And, say, isn't it your turn to prove that I AM a robot?