Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Well Said: A Lesson We All Need

It is a lesson we all need—to let alone the things that do not concern us. He has other ways for others to follow him; all do not go by the same path. It is for each of us to learn the path by which he requires us to follow him, and to follow him in that path. Let us remember our Master's injunction, and we shall be saved from many pitfalls: "What is it to you? You follow me" (John 21:22).
Saint Katherine Drexel
It is impossible for me to state how very strongly I agree with this statement.  Therefore I will simply leave it here for contemplation without further comments.


  1. Thank you. I needed to hear that this evening, as I have freaked myself out focusing too much on what He has called others to go through.

  2. I can't tell you how apt this is for me at this time. Along the same lines: in trying not to get sucked in by media and other circuses I was given this by a fellow pilgrim: " Let the peace of Christ be in control in your heart (for you were in fact called as one body to this peace), and be thankful." Colossians 3:15 I will do my best to let peace take control. 

  3. So hard to do... but so healthy and faithful when we do! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Can you share the source for this quote? It's so beautiful. I don't know why your blog came up for me this morning--I don't recall navigating here--but seeing this quote, I knew it must be a Holy Spirit thing. Also saw your link the Holy Land Pilgrimage--I'm a big fan of The Faithful Traveler, and I'll look forward to hearing about your adventure!

    1. Hi Nancy, so happy you stopped by here, no matter what led you! :-)

      I think I picked it up off of someone's blog long ago. This is from one of my first quote journals (I'm now on #7). You can probably find the quote on Google. :-)