Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Well Said: Our Efforts and Jesus

We also may feel our efforts are inadequate. ... But Jesus accepts what we give, blesses it, breaks it open, and magnifies it. Often in ways that we don't see or cannot see.
Father James Martin, Jesus: A Pilgrimage
This seems facile to say but I actually saw that in action just this morning. The director of the assisted living facility where I do my bimonthly movie group said that it was one of the most successful programs they have. And that they are having more programs "follow your model."

My model?

I was slightly stunned. Mostly because I know the inspiration to try the group was due to a strange coming together of "pushes": Bilbo picking a troll's pocket, me reading to my mother-in-law, and stepping way out in faith (and fear) to try a new idea when it occurred to me. So, evidently a divine inspiration. (Nice to have that confirmed.)


  1. So, you gonna tell us more about your model?

  2. Bless you! Those fields are so ripe for harvest. I too would like to hear more about your group. And I AM gonna read and/or listen to that book.

  3. I actually have been meaning to do a blog with lists and tips in case anyone else was interested in such a venture. I began one and then got distracted. I'll get busy with it again.

    In a nutshell, it is small groups, rather than large ones. Working with the facilities management but providing a way that those within the small group can help nurture it if they are interested.

    The movie is shown on Friday afternoon (by the management) and on Sunday evening (by a member/volunteer). On Monday there is a lunch for anyone who saw it to come and have a group discussion. I have trivia from Wikipedia/IMDB and insights just from reading various reviews, to try to foster conversation.

    That's the nutshell version.