Friday, May 23, 2014

Well Said: Being Honest With God

For when you say only the things that you believe you should say, rather than being honest, any relationship grows cold, including one with God.
Father James Martin, Jesus: A Pilgrimage
I remembered this just yesterday and it was of immense help. 

Instead of just putting up with something, I needed to be completely honest with God about the fact that I was afraid, distrustful in fact, that He wasn't going to come through for me in a certain situation.

Wow, did that help with everything. Including connecting with God.

And then I could prepare for the fact that I might just have to put up with it. (I didn't have to, but that's a different story.)


  1. Your anecdote reminds me of a saint - can't remember which one - who is said to have exclaimed to God "No wonder You have so few friends!"

  2. Yep. One of my oldest saint friends, for that very reason. Her sassiness showed her trusting relationship. And her sassiness, of course. Which I relate to.

    For me, it was a moment not of sassiness, however, but of letting out what I'd been pushing down. And what God knew all along anyway. It was a wonderful thing actually.