Friday, April 25, 2014

Well Said: The Crashing Together of The Visible and Invisible

As I went to Mass and slowly began to understand the liturgy, every word and gesture resonated more and more. I stared at the Host as the priest took it in both hands and raised it to heaven. That little wafer now seemed like a diamond chip, a point of intersection, a cross between the visible and invisible universe, and as he raised it in consecration and the little bell rang, it seemed that two supertankers were crashing together in a single, glorious moment. I was dazzled — and grateful that I was dazzled.
Richard Cole, Catholic By Choice
He's speaking my language. I already had this sense of the moment but love having these words to use for it.


  1. YES! Thank you!

    In my callow youth, when I generated free verse (sorry) and thought it poetry (I got over it), I wrote this:

    The Altar

    The Altar is a place and a work
    A slippage in the universe
    A flickering gap between worlds
    Where, briefly, there is Light.

    Mr. Cole says it ever so much better.

  2. Exact same concept, you are right! When I showed our priest the Cole quote he said, "It is the same from both sides of the altar." Which was simply wonderful to hear, of course.