Thursday, March 13, 2014

Well Said: If I really believe Christ is in control ...

I realized, in the end, that if I really believe that Christ is in control then he is also in control of the Catholic Church, knows what he is doing there and always has. … The Bible does not give leaving and founding one’s own church as an option during difficult times—to do so is a direct contradiction of scripture. On the contrary, we are to stay put, keep our eyes on christ, and refuse to get caught up in division and controversy. Our job is not to run the Church or run away from the Church, but to love the Church and each other in the Church, and Christ above all, as one, and stay put in the Church. …
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Yep. This is a truth that goes back to the very beginning, never mind 1500 years after it was all founded. Do we believe what He told us or not? Do we trust Him or not? 

I'm lucky because this has been something I chose as an adult and it has been a joy for me to be Catholic. That doesn't mean it has always been easy. But we weren't promised "easy." We were promised that true followers will have to pick up their cross and follow Him.


  1. Julie, do you think that those who have been Catholic from infancy are unlucky? Do you think that those who have been Catholic as children don't, as adults, choose to remain Catholic? It's odd, I guess, but I think I have been lucky to have always been Catholic.

    1. Hi Ruth. That was the furthest thing from my mind. I myself feel lucky. I used to feel angry because my parents didn't raise me in any faith and so I felt cheated. Now, however, I feel that God used their decision to bring me to the best possible place. I feel my husband was super lucky to have great Catholic examples in his parents and to have his solid faith which has always been an anchor in his life. Hopefully my children will feel the same about their own lives, raised as Catholics.

      I do, however, think that occasionally people can take simple statements too personally. ;-)