Friday, February 28, 2014

Well Said: Roman Polanski's Movies

From a recent conversation.
I've never yet seen one of Roman Polanski's movies that justified his lack of jail time.
Rose Davis


  1. "Your attitude's been noticed, comrade."

    - Block Warden in DOCTOR ZHIVAGO

    Don't tell the block warden I said this, but your friend is BRILLIANT!

    1. Even better, she's my youngest daughter in Hollywood. :-)

  2. Did he make anything decent before the Sharon Tate murder? I don't like his movies - I am not a fan of horror/suspense, and so many of his films lean that way. But the man can act. I saw him play Mozart in Peter Shaffer's play, Amadeus in 1982. He was completely transformed and so was I.

    Could we keep him out of jail if he agreed to serve out his sentence in a good theatre? ;)


    1. I can't imagine how many years one would have to do that in order to pay one's debt for drugging and raping an underage girl, admitting to it, and then fleeing the country to avoid sentencing.