Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gay Weddings and Baking the Cake

The question is no longer whether couples may marry, but whether a baker may refuse to sell them a wedding cake on the strength of his religious or moral conscience, without risking a lawsuit.

Anyone can walk into a kosher or halal butcher’s shop and buy a chicken, but if asked to cater a party with bacon burgers, the butcher will refuse. Should that invite a lawsuit? People understand that you don’t bother religious butchers with requests they cannot honor. Should we be permitted to demand services of a cameraman, or a florist or baker that tread upon their religious sensibilities?

It’s too bad that laws and courts must become involved with what used to be the simplest of lessons: Not everyone thinks the same way, but everyone is entitled to their opinions; if that kid won’t play with you—or that baker will not make your cake—someone else will, so just kiss them up to God, and move on. Or, as Jesus told his apostles when he sent them off to preach the good news, “Whatever place does not welcome you or listen to you, leave there and shake the dust off your feet, in testimony against them.”
Elizabeth Scalia wades into the issue that has been the source of troubled conversation around our house ever since I read about an Oklahoma florist being sued by two gay customers after she declined to do the arrangements for their wedding, citing religious reasons.

Once more, I found myself thinking that we all need to sit down and read The Right to Be Wrong by Kevin Seamus Hasson.

Start with Elizabeth's piece and then go get The Right to Be Wrong.

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  1. As the mother of a gay son who is getting married in May I have to say this: I HATE the Gaystapo. Yes, I'm using that word, yes I am being judgmental and mean to a very large segment of the visible gay world. They never protest the brutal murder of gays in the Arab world, they champion the Palestinians on a daily basis and ignore the fact that Israel is offering asylum to many Gay Palestinians who fear for their lives.
    We were promised that Gay marriage would not infringe upon the religious beliefs and practices of others. We were lied to, this wasn't just any couple - the Gaystapo sends very willing couples out deliberately to entrap these small business owners. There isn't an ounce of acceptance or recognition among these gays. My son can tell you many stories of how he was turned on viciously when he let it be known that he is a conservative Jew and conservative politically. I have had gay friends out on dates who had the date terminated in the middle because they either admitted to voting Republican or being against gay marriage themselves
    So spare me the need to understand these people - they are full of hate and they don't mind destroying small businesses in name of "tolerance, acceptance'. they are nothing less than fascists.
    Oh and my son found a lovely photographer who's comment was this will be two firsts for me, a gay wedding and a Jewish wedding.