Friday, September 13, 2013

Which is Quicker? Outwaiting 199 book readers or 51 book listeners?

Reading Jeff Miller's review of The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith at Goodreads this morning made me interested in reading it. I remember hearing that J.K. Rowling had written a mystery under a pseudonym which I thought was a good way to see if she could write an adult book without the hoopla that now accompanies her name.

I didn't stop to even mentally register the pseudonym although the rest of Dallas evidently did. I was in a quandary as to which version of the book I should request when faced with monumental numbers waiting ahead of me. It takes longer to listen to a book than to read it, but then some people are slow readers. Did that make the 51 audio requests equal to the 199 print requests?

Then, oh happy day, I found I could request both versions. Kind of like sending your kid to stand in the  grocery line next to you in case it moves faster. (Yes, I've done it. We all have.)

I'm curious to see which line gets me there the fastest ...

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