Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blogging Around: The "I Hardly Ever Read Blogs These Days" Edition

I don't know how or why it happened. Perhaps it is a combination of going to my niece's wedding, vacation, Tom's mother's death and various other things that have jerked me out of my regular routine.

I only remember to read other people's blogs about once a week. It won't be a surprise to find that I now have more time. And I do have more time.

It also allows me to easily sift through what I am not interested in and find what I do want to read.

Here are a few bits which I hope you enjoy also.

How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming
The title alone makes this sound great. Melanie reviews this at The Wine Dark Sea.

Boots and Saddles by Elizabeth Bacon Custer
Yes, that's the right name, Custer. Boots and Saddles is a new, free audiobook at LibriVox where the narrator begins the description thusly:
Elizabeth Custer has penned an engaging portrait of 1870’s life on a U.S. cavalry post in the Dakotas, just before her husband and his troops met their tragic deaths in the Battle of the Little Big Horn. “Our life,” she writes, “was often as separate from the rest of the world as if we had been living on an island in the ocean.”
I haven't tried it yet but if I like it, you'll be the first to know!

LibriVox: Where Are the New Releases?
Perhaps, like me, you have subscribed to LibriVox's New Releases rss feed. Perhaps, also like me, you have noticed that it has been three weeks since something new has showed up. LibriVox is overhauling their infrastructure and they have an alternate way to find out what's new (such as the above-mentioned Boots and Saddles) while that is going on.

My Son (movie trailer)
I'm not a Christian movie fan, as anyone who hangs out here already knows. They tend to forget about telling a story in favor of hammering in their point over and over. This one, however, looks different.

Here's the story we saw that made us watch the trailer. Burleson is a nearby town. Here's where you can watch the trailer.

Elmore Leonard, Modern Prose Master, Noted For His Terse Prose Style And For Writing About Things Perfectly And Succinctly With A Remarkable Economy Of Words, Unfortunately And Sadly Expired This Gloomy Tuesday At The Age Of 87 Years Old
The Onion does it again. I've been hanging onto this one for a bit, as you know if you read of Leonard's death. A perfect tribute delivered the funny way.

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