Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Worth a Thousand Words: J.B. Ford Mausoleum

J.B. Ford Mausoleum, Allegheny
taken by Father Pitt
Gorgeous. We were fortunate enough to have Father Pitt (a.k.a. Dr. Boli, a.k.a. Chris Bailey) take us on a whirlwind architectural tour of Pittsburgh.

It would not be at all good for his ego to let him know that of all the people we met when on vacation a few weeks ago, he is the one who excited my mother's admiration. "Dr. Boli?" she said, her voice rising in astonished delight. "How wonderful! Tell me what he was like!" So we won't mention it beyond this post.

I will admit that the Doctor Who episode, Blink, did flash through my mind when I first saw this photo but then I saw these ladies were neither angels nor weeping. Whew!

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