Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Must for My Reading: Book Darts

The comments about writing in books made me realize that I have not shared one of the best inventions known to those who don't want writing in their books.

I use Book Darts as bookmarks for one thing. They can't slide to the floor from between the pages.

Of course, I also use them as intended by marking passages with them. In fact, when I begin any book, I always slip a few extras onto the last page so I can grab one whenever something strikes me.

These are invaluable for my book club and podcast reading, where I want to be sure I can easily make notes of pages for later conversation. Or for marking those spots which will be going into a quote journal.

Highly recommended.


  1. I didn't get to your post on writing in books yet. Oh I definitely enjoy writing in the margins of my books. This is how I remember what I was thinking if I ever go back to the book. These darts would not do for me.

  2. I love these things! But like hairpins, I've discovered that they have a way of sneakily disappearing...I wish they could come in self-refilling tins! After a lot of re-use, sometimes they have a hard time holding onto finer paper, but otherwise, yes, a must!