Thursday, June 27, 2013

Well Said

Going into my quote journal.
Favoring man-woman marriage no more "demeans" and "humiliates" other sexual relationships than favoring our Constitution demeans and humiliates the governmental systems of other countries.
Supreme Court Justice Scalia
Very true.

What demeans or humiliates other sexual relationships, it seems to me (and I'm no expert), is the "business" associated with marriage. If one lets the insured choose whoever they like for their beneficiary, if one lets the dying leave their worldly goods to whoever they like, and so forth, then much of the feeling of being a second class citizen would dissipate. That would leave a clearer view of what true marriage is and might make it able to simplify any remaining debate. To put it on a very simplistic level, obviously.


  1. " the "business" associated with marriage."

    I'm afraid that you are very much mistaken in this assessment. The reality is that this isn't about inheritance or tax tables at all. It's about demand that their aberant and immoral behavior be accepted. Not only accepted but celebrated as "normal". Candidly, the homosex community is out to destroy hetero unions and especially sacramental matrimony as those only cast light on their own warped and dark lifestyles. This is no different than how the pro abortion group operates, too.

    Never ignore the fact that we are under spritual attack either.

    1. I completely understand that fact. :-)

      However, with those other issues put aside ... and let's face it, it is only fair to let a person have the right to name whoever they like for their insurance or wills or whatever ... then that whole agenda becomes much more clear, less clouded by "fairness," and easier to put aside. Which is what I meant by:That would leave a clearer view of what true marriage is and might make it able to simplify any remaining debate.

  2. I think that drives all this is what J. Budziszewski (in "What We Can't Not Know") calls the terrible revenge of conscience. What can people do when confronted with the voice of conscience and either no way to repent and be forgiven (the plight of the ancient pagans) or no desire to do so? They may be driven to more and more extreme forms of approval-seeking. In this case, forcing every church to approve is the main goal. The full power of the government, maybe even eventually a government with totalitarian powers, must be thrown into the equation. Those who will not approve must be demonized.

    1. Good point. Also weaving into this debate is something I was just reading yesterday pointing out how liberal or progressive Christians are bringing the world to the church instead of bringing the church to the world. I think that it is driven by a desire to be fair to all, but it is clouded by the idea that what is best for us is sometimes not what is the easiest for everyone. I certainly have experienced myself the realization that those who call for tolerance are often the least tolerant of all. Which is rather odd ...