Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I've been asked if I know of any Scripture where two tribes each go up to the top of two different mountains and pray/lament in a sort of call-and-response method.

I have no clue and quick searches aren't turning anything up.

In case any of our learned group knows, I'm passing the question on!


  1. I think the requester might be referring to the command in Deuteronomy 27:11-28:68. Rather, the tribes of Israel are divided and told to stand, 6 on Mt. Gerizim and and 6 on Mt. Ebal. The Levites then declare the curses and the blessings. The blessing/curse or makarios/ouai pattern shows up in Luke's sermon but also in the Magnificat, the song of Hannah in 1 Sam. 2, and in some of the David's Psalms of victory. As far as having two tribes singing back and forth (as in a choir singing the Divine Office), I can't say I have encountered that in scripture.

  2. You are good! She thinks that is it and is very grateful. Thank you!