Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Man Behind "The Booth at the End"

We are latecomers to The Booth at the End but enthusiastic nonetheless. The premise is simple but pure story telling:
A mysterious Man sits at a booth at the end of a diner. People approach him because they've heard The Man has a gift. He can solve their problems: A parent with a sick child, a woman who wants to be prettier, a nun who has lost her faith. The Man can give these people what they want. For a price.
Read more about it at my link above.

For those who have seen it already, Joseph Susanka has a real treat which I can't believe I haven't mentioned until now.

He's been sharing his ongoing conversation with Christopher “C.K.” Kubasik, creator and writer of The Booth at the End. The entire thing is a delight for anyone who loves storytelling.

Just to give you a tiny taste, C.K. gives a lot of credit to his Catholic upbringing with his rich appreciation of story and symbolism. (He isn't Catholic now, just fyi.)

With a fourth part promised! Thank you Joseph and C.K.!

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  1. Booth at the End is one of the best shows I've ever seen. Really incredible, considering the low budget, one-set scenes, etc. A testament to the power of good writing and good acting.

    Kubasik is on Twitter, and well worth following. He tweets a lot of good thoughts on writing, film/tv, etc.