Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grab Bag

All sorts of good info I haven't had a chance to mention until now.

This Just In: Strange Gods by Elizabeth Scalia

Yes. That Elizabeth Scalia. The Anchoress! The subtitle is: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life. So we can see this is a book we all probably need. I was lucky enough to read the first bit of it some time ago, for which I wrote a blurb that is in the front of the book. I love Elizabeth's writing anyway, but this is right on target for me.

I did notice when I was looking at the cover that the stained glass is made up of little icons of all the things that distract us, grab us, that we can't let go of ... in short that we let get between us and God. Nice concept. (And you may have noticed I don't pass around that praise lightly.)

The Knox Bible

You may recall that I was very, very (very) happy that Baronius Press reprinted Ronald Knox's translation of the Bible (my review here). This is a good time to mention that the Knox Bible has become the one sitting around various rooms of my house, ready to hand for my afternoon prayer. Or to compare a translation. Or to check the context around a snippet of Scripture quoted in a book. In other words, I like it a lot.

Baronius Press asked if I accept advertising. I don't. But for a product which I enjoy using so much and which has enriched my Catholic life so much, I am more than happy to run a banner absolutely free to remind everyone about it. Voila!

Strange Notions

Brandon Vogt's got some exciting news.
This morning I launched a major evangelistic project which I've been working on for two years.

It's called StrangeNotions and it's designed to be the central place of dialogue between Catholics and atheists. The implicit goal is to bring non-Catholics to faith, especially followers of the so-called New Atheism. As a 'digital Areopagus', the site includes intelligent articles, compelling video, and rich discussion throughout its comment boxes.
Go check it out: Strange Notions. He's got some heavy hitters collaborating on this and it looks promising.

Angels and Saints at Ephesus

The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles just released their second album—Angels and Saints at Ephesus.
The sisters' second album, a year-round collection, will entertain and inspire, featuring 17 English and Latin pieces sung a cappella for the feasts of the holy saints and angels. Recorded once again at their Priory in the heartland of America, this new album is a dynamic yet pure fusion of their contemplative sound. The sisters call to mind the glory of the future vision of God in the company of all of His angels and saints.


  1. Thank God for Msgr. Ronald Knox, as opposed to the odious John Knox. I must give Msgr. Knox's translation a look.

    Thank you, Happiest Catholic, for your site.

  2. I love the Knox translation, but the print is way too small for me to read, even with bifocals. It's a pity. Fortunately, it is available at, but it's not the same as being able to have a hard copy.

    1. I trifocals ... maybe that helps? Though I believe it only adds a middle range, good for computer distance reading. :-)

      Funny thing is that I LOVE small print books. Prefer them to anything. If my eyes finally go the "large print" direction, my kids will be given a treasure trove of little print books.