Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pope Francis: Making the Popemobile Personal

I like this. Pope Francis uses the Popemobile. Let's face it. That's the most practical way to get through a massive crowd. However, he also stops and gets off to bless this disabled man.

Via The Deacon's Bench.


  1. As another mother of a very special child said this morning, it was like he blessed my daughter (who has classic autism, sensory processing disorder and global developmental delays) and kissed her in this action as well. And if you watch closely, he motioned for them to stop when he saw the man and turned around. I am hoping this is a moment when the whole world stops and watches and learns something.

  2. This was part of a comment (with clean up typos) I just made to Crescat at her blog. It applies to this too.

    “The last few days have made it apparent that B16′s strengths were intellectual at the expense of human contact. Given what I’ve seen of Francis’s human contact approach to his ministry, human contact is much more important than intellectual pontificating, pardon the pun. The intellectual underpinnings of Catholicism are there in the magisterium. Whatever updating B16 did to it is marginal, and non-Catholics weren’t listening anyway. I like what I’ve seen Pope Francis. This contact ministry is the human contact that I’ve argued brings Christ to everyone. Through human contact is where Christ is revealed. Pope Francis is a shot in the arm!”

    What a gift this man is!!! God bless Pope Francis!

    1. So ... on your way to pet the dog, you kick the cat in the head?

      The householder has both, chose both deliberately for the qualities that are inherent in their nature ... and added them to his home when he thoughts time was right.

      But, of course, you know best, Manny.

      I am so grateful that Jesus judges us instead of it being put to a popularity vote from our fellow men.