Thursday, March 7, 2013

Downpour - A Worthy Competitor to Audible With No DRM, Blackstone Audio’s online audiobook store, is a genuine competitor to

It offers audiobook downloads of titles, from Blackstone Audio’s extensive catalogue, and also those from many other audiobook publishers like Recorded Books, Harper Audio, Penguin Audio, Hachette Audio, and AudioGo.

Their subscription service is almost identically priced to Audible’s, each offers one credit per month for about $15. And, like an Audible credit, a Downpour credit almost always gets you one audiobook.
And they have no DRM.

Jesse at SFFaudio's been using Downpour and loving it. Read his review for more about DRM and Downpour.

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  1. Thanks. That looks like a great place. I already bought something. They had the unbridged Les Miserables for only $9.95 as a download. I went for it as soon as I saw it.