Monday, March 4, 2013

Blogging Around: Vatican-Centric Edition

Dorian Speed, who I have the pleasure of having met, has put together a site with answers to all your papal election questions: Electing the Pope.

A book I never heard of but which sounds like it is wonderful. Here's a bit of The Anchoress's review. Go read it all.
John Thavis, Catholic News Service’s recently-retired Rome bureau chief, spent a quarter of century watching the Vatican main players and seemingly talking to everyone, and all of that has translated into a thumping good read. His timely book The Vatican Diaries:A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Power, Personalities and Politics at the Heart of the Catholic Church grabbed me at the intro and held my attention for six solid hours, to the finish; along the way I found myself laughing out loud at images of reporters trying to punch each other in the face, Cardinals offering their opinions on how to work the stove in the Sistine Chapel like “men around a backyard grill”, hungry Vatican workers gobbling surreptitious bits of banana as the princes and diplomats pass by, and a plane full of liquored-up Vatican correspondents getting face-time with a pope. I found the book so interesting that I demanded attention of my family and read portions aloud until they made me stop interrupting them.

Brandon Vogt broke his Lenten embargo on blogging long enough to give us the link to hear him on NPR. I'm glad he did because, as always, he's got it right.  I'm always glad when NPR gets someone to interview who I trust.

Cardinal Dolan is in Rome and has the link where we can hear his daily online updates on the papal election.

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