Friday, December 14, 2012

More Good Books to Give for Christmas

Indeed, you must be saying to yourself, that Happy Catholic person has quite a large stack of books she owes reviews for.

And you'd be right about that. I consider myself lucky to have had time to read so many, although there are a few that I read so long ago I'm cringing with guilt over not having reviewed them yet. Ah well ... we do what we can.

These all have my thumbs up and will show up again with more comprehensive reviews in tow.

A Child's Book of Values: Classic Stories from Around the World by Esteve Pujol I. Pons
The name of this book is misleading. Don't get me wrong, it does point out the moral to each story told. However, the main focus here is the international set of classic stories with some terrific illustrations. The biggest negative I can see is that the type is a semi-script style that might be difficult for some children to read. But that's a pretty small negative.

Lectio Divina Bible Study: Learning to Pray in Scripture by Stephen J. Binz
Leads you through a fascinating study of the different types of prayer as shown through the Bible. By looking at scripture featuring the prayer of heroes, prophets, Jesus, and more, the reader is led to contemplate these sorts of prayer in their own life. So far I am finding it very useful and enlightening. A really excellent guide to prayer in the Bible and personal contemplation.

What I Wish I'd Known about Raising a Child with Autism: A Mom and a Psychologist Offer Heartfelt Guidance for the First Five Years by Bobbi Sheahan, Kathy DeOrnellas
This book made me both very happy that I did not have a child with autism and very empathetic for a friend of mine who has been struggling to do the right thing for her child who was only diagnosed after a long and trying ordeal. If I did have a child with autism, this is the book I'd turn to since it combines common sense from a doctor and practical experience from a mother.

breaking through: Catholic Women Speak for Themselves -  Helen M. Alvaré, editor
This is not really my sort of book, yet when I received the review copy and flipped through it my eye was caught by something that sparked a note of recognition and made me think. Picking it up when cleaning off a desk a couple of days later the same thing happened. Which made me think this is not the ordinary "that sort of book." As it turns out I read it quickly and enjoyed it. Jeff Miller has a good review that echoes many of my thoughts about this book.

the province of joy: praying with Flannery O'Connor by Angela Alaimo O'Donnell
This is a beautiful book, both in the cover and content. It guides the reader through the liturgy of the hours for seven days, using Flannery O'Connor's writing for the contemplative prompt. It also includes some of her favorite quotes, prayers, saints, and so-forth. From Paraclete Press which continues to impress me with their interest in melding literature and prayer.

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