Thursday, May 13, 2010

Something I'm Reading ...

I am reading City of Dragons by Kelli Stanley for the SFFaudio readalong in June.

About halfway through.

Comments so far.

*lighting a Chesterfield, taking a drag*


Book has 'em in spades.

Too long.

Sentence fragments abound. For emphasis.

*lighting a Chesterfield, taking a drag*

Atmosphere conveyed: movie-noir voice-over style. (Eventually the author had to resort to full length sentences to tell the story ... but only after thoroughly confusing the reader.)

Did they use "f***" back then as frequently as lighting a cigarette?

Angsty. Too damned angsty.

Chick lit? Tough noir? Make up your mind.

Did I say too damned long? Should've.

*lighting a Chesterfield, taking a drag*

More details later. After I've finished.

*lighting a Chesterfield, taking a drag*

(Yes, that's my fourth cigarette in as many minutes. For dramatic emphasis, dammit. And to show how tough I am. Without that and my pumps tapping on the sidewalk, how would we know the era?)


  1. Gosh, Happiest Catholic, I can hardly wait to visit Barnes & Nobles this weekend and ignore that book!


  2. Thought I'd better warn ya. *tapping ash from Chesterfield*

  3. Reading that book must be giving you some time served in Purgatory points!

  4. Purgatory, kid? Good point. Thanks for the tip. Here's a nickel. Don't spend it all in one place.

  5. It is posts like this that keep me comin back, lady.

    *flicks ash that landed on me*

    Keep that smokin up and I won't be passin the kid to YOU anytime soon! :)

  6. Only someone like you would pass a kid to a dame like me. Whaddaya think, I'm gonna put down the gin or the gun to hold it? :-D

  7. Oh, great. Julie D has gone ooooold school gangster... or moll. :)

  8. So you're holding a cigarette, a gun and a glass of gin? Pretty talented, kid.