Friday, January 25, 2008

Ooooo, those melting British tones!

What fun it was talking with Fausta and Siggy about ... well, everything! Food, faith, our mutual admiration for the greatness that is The Anchoress, community and communion of minds and souls ...

Yep, we dug deep and we also coasted shallowly talking about food fads from the 50's. Remember Trader Vic's and all those jello concoctions your grandmother made (at least mine did)?

And Siggy's voice. Dang it. Now I am gonna hafta make him some of those Cinnamon Buns from Heaven! Though I reserve the right to make him come and get them ... when's your next tour in Dallas, Siggy?

Didn't catch the live feed?

Catch the podcast here at iTunes. (And here to think that I thought all they talked about was politics ... I'm subscribing y'all!)

Siggy thoughtfully posted his wonderful post about "Ice Cream Emergency." Go read about it and if you have children think about trying it out. It is a delightful blend of innocence and indulgence in a "forbidden fruit!" (Siggy talks about the podcast some and his reposting is toward the bottom.)

This sounds similar to the idea I read of a long while back and actually remembered to do a couple of times ... when strawberries are in season, have an entire meal that is just strawberry shortcake. Mmmmmm ... now those are some good memories.

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