Friday, December 1, 2006

Remember the Saint of the Year Devotion? It's Back!

What is the Saint for the Year Devotion?

I want to tell you about the practice of picking a saint at random to be your “holy protector” for the year. Actually, the saint is the one who chooses us though. The tradition of letting a saint “pick you,” is not a new one. St. Faustina wrote about it in her diary, Divine Mercy in My Soul.

I don't draw the saints. I will merely pass on your name or screen name to her so that she will draw a saint for you. Also, I will pass on the name of any of your family or friends that would like to participate. This isn't superstition. St. Faustina did the same thing! Last year dozens of people received saints to be their special patron, and there were miraculous connections. It was truly amazing. We pray that this year the Holy Spirit will again work so that all participants receive a saint that they will be able to pray to for aid throughout the entire year.
Moneybags is offering once more, along with his partner in saint-selection, the chance to have a special saint for the year. St. Vitus and I are drawing to the end of our special year together. I can't say that I experienced anything miraculous (at least that was obvious enough for me to recognize) but there were definitely times when remembering him, this patron saint of good humor and comedy, that helped me be light hearted in situations when I easily could have been quite dour and mean. So ... that is miraculous enough for me!

I'm going to get over there and put in my request and I encourage you to do the same!

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