Monday, June 16, 2014

Worth A Thousand Words: Bayeux Tapestry

I'd never even heard of the Bayeux Tapestry when my husband and I went to France after just being married a couple of years. He'd always wanted to see it and couldn't believe I'd never been told about it.

I remember the huge church where it had originally been hung and then the museum next door where you could walk around and view the entire thing. Which we did with a field trip of English school kids who had crossed the Channel to see this part of their heritage. I had no idea that English and French heritage overlapped (yes, I was just a touch ignorant). Or of the beauty of this hand-sewn tribute to the Norman invasion of England.

It was simply amazing.

I was reminded of it recently because Joseph from Zombie Parent's Guide was there.

That made me look at Wikipedia where you can look at the entire thing in one piece. This is really neat.

Individual scenes may be examined close up at this Wikipedia spot. Also neat.


  1. Had you been in my English IV class I would have told you about the Bayeux Tapestry and pointed out to you pictures of it in the state-issued textbook. The Two Fat Boys on midday radio would not believe this, of course.

  2. Sorry for the brief lapse in caritas.

  3. Mack, I wish I'd had a teacher like you for English! Or history! Looking back I am stunned at that gaping hole in my education. (One of many provided by the Kansas school system.)

  4. I was lucky enough to see the Bayeux tapestry on a trip to France with a group from my high school; it was an amazing trip overall, but I think the greatest highlight for me was going to Normandy just a couple of weeks after the 50th anniversary of D-Day.

  5. We're going to see it in a couple of weeks! Thanks for the cool links.