Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Going Nowhere ... Very ... Very ... Slowly ...

These are my "My Dinner with Andre" action figures and what you can do is re-enact that whole scene with the two guys having dinner. I've been waiting for-they're really rare- for the set from Das Boot.
Corky St. Claire (Waiting for Guffman)
I know what Corky really needs to round out his collection ... The Station Agent action figures. They can sit in chairs and on benches, occasionally take a stroll on train tracks, and, even better than My Dinner With Andre ... they'll hardly talk at all.

This movie was such a wasted opportunity. Stand out acting, fabulous location, great premise ... it even had trainspotting which Tom has been a fan of since spending time in England. The only thing missing was much of a story. We didn't need a lot. After all, we loved Lost in Translation and, heaven only knows, you aren't given much to go on there. Sometimes these very slow movies all come together at the end so we waited and waited and ... fizzle.

HC rating: ** More boring than church.

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