Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Worth a Thousand Words: Sunset over Tujunga

Sunset over Tujunga
Taken by Will Duquette
Will lives in these foothills and I'm trying very hard not to be envious over the beautiful view he gets every day. Be sure to click through on the link to see the photo full size. It is simply gorgeous.

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  1. Very pretty. He caught the clouds perfectly.

    Separate issue. My parish was given the huge honor of being one of the parishes selected to host St. Maria Goretti's relics, which are traveling across the United States. My parish, St. Rita's on Staten Island, was the one of two parishes in the NYC diocese to host them, the other being St. Patrick's Cathedral. It really was an honor. Our day was last week and I posted some pictures on my blog of it. Perhaps your readers will be interested. Here: