Friday, November 8, 2013

Worth a Thousand Words: Great Battle in Heaven

Great Battle in Heaven
by Daniel Mitsui
Check Daniel's website for more wonderful art, all of which is available for purchase, and for more information about this fine piece which I simply love.

Just a bit of the insight he gives:
The composition of this drawing I based on an occidental work of art: the 11th picture in Albrecht Dürer's famous series of 15 woodcuts illustrating the Apocalypse, first published in 1498.

The arrangement of the angels closely matches that in Dürer's print, but the figures have been reinterpreted as Japanese warriors. Their appearance is based on prints by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, especially a series showing heroes in battle with monstrous animals.
Also, on a personal note, Daniel asks for prayers for the health of his tiny daughter, Alma Hildegard, who was born more than three months prematurely. (Read more here.)

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