Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Worth a Thousand Words: Coronation of the Virgin

Coronation of the Virgin
Book of Hours (Use of Rome)
France, Lyons, c. 1495-1510
by Guillaume II Le Roy
via Medieval Books of Hours
I love picture books pages from books of hours, such as we see here, are always interesting to me. How much more would we get from our devotions if there were wonderfully illustrated paintings to help our imaginations take flight, to aid us in pulling back the veil between us and God?

If nothing else would I be lured into reading more devotional work if I had the pictures to get me to pick it up and open it?

That is a moot point I suppose since such things are still the province of rich men today just as much as they were yesterday. No one would publish them because they would be prohibitively expensive to buy. All the more reason to enjoy these pages from the past which can still enrich our imaginations ... and souls.


  1. But aren't we lucky that we have you and Google images to find beautiful images for us.!

  2. Now that is an interesting image. There appears to be another female assisting God's coronation of the Holy Mother? Do you know who that is?

    I am heading over to Mass shortly. This is a great day!