Monday, March 5, 2012

God and the Machine: In which Thomas L. McDonald joins the Patheos Catholic bloggers

Technology, like fire, can create or destroy, and so we need to consider the vast technological landscape from a uniquely Catholic angle. This is what I hope to accomplish with God and the Machine. I want to look at the intersection of technology and faith: not just the way new tech is being used to evangelize and examine the faith, but the way people of faith encounter their world through technology. In short, I’ll examine technology, in all its wonderful, horrible power and potential, and try to answer the singular question: How do we walk with Christ in the digital age?
I've enjoyed Tom's other blog, State of Play, for some time. Tom's also uniquely suited to look at technology and the Catholic faith at his new Patheos blog, God and the Machine. His credentials are as long as your arm. But I'll just quote The Anchoress on them for you.
Tom’s CV is exhausting and impressive. Aside from authoring three books, and overseeing Games, he’s been a columnist for Computer Gaming World, T3: Tomorrow’s Technology Today, Game Players PC Entertainment, Cemetery Dance Magazine, PC Ace, and Computer Life . . . the techno list goes on and on, and he also blogs at State of Play. On the faith side of things, Tom is a certified catechist who teaches church history and prepares candidates for the sacrament of Confirmation; a few years ago he started writing about religion as well (you’ve read him in the Register, here at Patheos and elsewhere) and — particularly as he works his way through a masters in Theology — a blog called God and the Machine seems a logical means by which to cull together these intersecting interests and ponder where the lines might be drawn within our longings. I have a feeling we’re going to get some very interesting reads out of this extremely energetic writer! 
Also, I'm not gonna lie. Tom is a funny guy and you know how I love funny. For example, his brief illustrated introduction made me crack up. Not that it is all funny. Some of it is just right.
I am not a liberal Catholic, orthodox Catholic, conservative Catholic, cafeteria Catholic, or traditionalist Catholic: I am, simply, a Catholic (Roman Rite). That should be enough for you to know where I stand and what I believe about most issues. At least, it used to be.
And I like that even more than funny. (Plus, you know, I think that is going to have to go into my quote journal. Quotable. I like that too.)

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